Monday, September 19, 2011

NEST: Clotheslines

We have been borrowing a neighbor's clothesline this summer to hang some our our laundry dry.

There is something so back-to-the-basics about it that makes me feel good every time I pin up our laundry out in the sun.

And it is so simple.  And easy.  And free!

Consider line drying your clothes while the weather is still warm.  You don't need to construct an elaborate clothesline.  Even if you only have minimal space, you can hang your clothes to dry.  Before borrowing my neighbor's, I often draped our diapers on our deck to dry.  If you live in an apartment and have a balcony, you can use this to dry your clothes (just be sure you don't let them fall stories down!).

You can build a clothesline with posts in the ground, or consider buying a clothesline long enough to go between your porch and a nearby tree.

Martha Stuart suggests:

"Buy a clothesline long enough to span the distance between your porch and a nearby tree or post. On the porch end, thread the line through a metal eye hook, and wind it around a sailor's cleat installed about a foot below the hook. At the other end, screw another hook into the tree or post. Tie the clothesline to a snap shackle, which makes attaching and detaching the cord a breeze."

So easy!  

It has definitely saved us a bit of money this summer and the clothes smell so fresh.  The sun also helps with pesky diaper stains.  It is a win-win situation!  

Consider a clothesline at your home!

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