Monday, September 5, 2011

PRAY: Study.

I am enjoying a Beth Moore study of the book of Daniel with a couple of good friends.  We are just barely into the study and I have been challenged quite a bit already.

I have often been overwhelmed by studying the Old Testament.  Thankfully, this study is not only fascinating, but it is easy to grasp and digest.

One of the main points that I have taken to heart so far is about living a life of integrity.

She states, "We will live lives of integrity on purpose, or we will not do it at all."

That really struck a chord for me.  We have to be so intentional in this world to live a life of integrity.  It is so easy to get swept into mainstream living and allow our hearts to become calloused and hardened to the "decaying morals and standards of our culture."

Sometimes it seems so much easier to blend in and accept the norm and go with the flow.  But, we are called to hold ourselves to a different standard.

I so desperately want to live a life of integrity.  Do you?

What are some areas of your life you can intentionally work to hold yourself to a higher level of integrity?  I know I have many in my life.

This study has given me so much to think about.  Reflecting on my relationships, the words I speak, the media I allow to come flooding into our home and the way I parent our children.  I am praying that I would lead a life of integrity that would allow Christ's love to be evident.

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