Friday, September 2, 2011

MAKE: A simple solution.

Baking soda is my friend when it comes to cleaning. I use it so often that I bought a huge bag of it from Costco. While this was certainly a cost-saving move, it was not the most practical in terms of daily use. I have a canister of baking soda in my pantry that is supposed to be used for cooking, but I also end up spooning out of it for cleaning. It's a pain. Don't worry--I don't cross-contaminate!

After an attempt to lightly coat my kitchen sink in baking soda, which involved dumping about a quarter of the canister by mistake, I decided it was time to find a solution. Here is my simple solution:

As you know, I love using old jars around my house. So, why not make one into a baking soda shaker? That way, I can keep it under the sink, pull it out with my vinegar cleaning solution, and simply sprinkle it wherever necessary.

How To:
1. Get a hammer, a nail, and an old piece of wood.
2. Rest the lid of your jar on the wood.

3. Hammer the nail into your lid repeatedly to create holes.

4. Fill 'er up!

What are some simple solutions you've found to use around your house?

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