Thursday, April 14, 2011


Since I did not have the opportunity to "nest" as I did in my previous pregnancies prior to Crosby's birth, I find myself currently in full on "nesting" mode.

It is a very odd place to find myself.  When I was pregnant the first two times, I almost drove myself mad trying to anticipate when I would go into labor and if everything would be in order on that fateful day.

This time around, my sweet baby is here, but not yet home.  And I will know in advance when he will make his much anticipated homecoming.

But in the meantime, I keep thinking to myself, "this job will be much easier with only two children at home as opposed to three..."  And so the list of jobs I hope to accomplish prior to his homecoming is growing.
I think part of it is that it is a way I can feel a tiny sliver on control over a situation that I have absolutely no control in.  And another part of it is that I do know life will be busy in a different way once he is home.  So, I hope to have things well organized and ready for him once he is here.

And that brings me to how you can give in regards to the home.

My mom and my mother-in-law both spent quite a bit of time with us when I was in the hospital and immediately following Crosby's birth.  And they both did countless jobs and projects around my home to help us.  In one day, my mom painted our shutters and stoop (twice!), planted flowers, ran errands and created a new organizational system under my sink.  What a gift!
And my dear friend, Katy, has organized childcare for me every day of the week so I can go to the hospital daily.  There could be no better gift!

These people so very dear to me are helping me to "nest" now and are generously giving me so very much.

If you have a friend in need or even just some spare time, consider helping someone with projects around the home.  It is so much more fun to do jobs with a companion and is such a generous way to give!


  1. isn't family the best?:) it's always so nice to have a little bit of help.
    great post.
    love your blog, new follower.


  2. This post is so sweet! Love that you are taking it all in, one day at a time as you enjoy your growing family :) Happy nesting!


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