Friday, April 15, 2011

A Night Out

We have devised a brilliant way to give and play simultaneously with our neighbors.

They have two children and we now have three.  And about twice a month we serve one another by babysitting.  

The way it works is that they will tuck their sweet ones into bed and then either my husband or I will go over to hang out at their house and keep an eye on their kids.  And they go out on a date without having to pay for a babysitter.  Then a few weeks later, they reciprocate and one of them will watch our kids while we go out on a date.  

It is such a simple way to give to one another (and also receive a gift of a free date, too!)  

Ryan and I very much look forward to our nights out when they babysit and I know they feel the same way.  

Do you have a neighbor or a friend you could arrange a babysitting swap with?  I guarantee you will enjoy it!

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