Friday, April 8, 2011

wrap away

Although I’ve been told I’m the world’s worst gift wrapper, I still love cute wrapping paper. 

However, I see why people tend to think it’s a touch wasteful to spend billions on paper that is almost immediately thrown away…

If you’re in need of cute, ecofriendly wrapping ideas, consider these options…
  • Use an old map. My personal favorite, as it adds a touch of culture. That Paris charm from Wednesday? If you wrap it in a clearly well-used map of France, you’re guaranteed to make them believe it’s authentic.
  • Wrap your gifts in fabric. This year for Christmas Ashley sewed amazing gift sacks out of old cloth. So crafty! And in Japan, people wrap their gifts in scarves or towels, which become part of the gift. So efficient!
  • Try out an old potato chip bag. Cut the bag along its seam, wash it with soap and water, and wrap away! Your gift will have a nice, retro feeling.  
  • Use your kid’s artwork. It’s inexpensive and sentimental.
  •  Or, of course, the old stand bys: newspaper and shopping bags. While they may be slightly overdone, no one can dispute a classic.

1 comment:

  1. I LOVE the idea of using an old map! I currently use my brown paper Trader Joe's bags and then use ribbon to add a pop of color. I love re-using the bags and the old-school feel it has to it.


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