Friday, April 29, 2011


Reading the Bible can be tough. I often find myself filling my time with other activities...even when I've scheduled time to read...even when I feel a nudge that I should read right now...even when things are quiet and still. When I do finally sit down with my Bible, I am regularly amazed at the ways in which God honors that time. It's just like when you go to church and find yourself saying--that sermon was so perfect for where I am right now. God frequently leads us to specific verses or reveals truths through verses that we've read before.

I'm working my way through a one-year chronological Bible. While I've loved understanding the bigger picture and seeing how the events of the bible unfolded in time, I have definitely struggled through parts of the Old Testament. There is just so much longing, loss, and disappointment. I find myself calling out for Jesus to hurry up and get there! But, last week, as I read through some of Jeremiah, I felt so encouraged. The Lord was speaking through Jeremiah, telling the people that He would keep His everlasting covenant, that He would never abandon His people. I even found myself rejoicing in God's judgment because that IS Jesus. While these verses might not seem encouraging in isolation, the timing and context hit me just right.

That is exactly what you can find for someone else when you're open to it. I know that Courtney has been given many verses recently from friends who have been praying for Crosby and her entire family. She has been immensely encouraged by God's words given through her friends. So, if you're praying for a friend in need, listen to God's urging. Maybe He wants you to open your Bible, providing a verse of encouragement that would be the perfect gift.

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