Monday, May 2, 2011

NEST: Fresh.

This truly has to be one of my favorite times of year.

Everything is so fresh and alive and vibrant.

I adore spring and with the promise of summer on the horizon, it is just an amazing season.

And it is the perfect time of year to plant something in your own backyard!

I absolutely do not have a green thumb, but there is something so very fulfilling about harvesting something out of your own yard.

My husband and I have had a garden in flower boxes on our deck, in pots in our kitchen, in the dirt on the side of our home and in a raised bed in our backyard.  

Each garden we have planted has had varying degrees of success, but it has always been a lot of fun and so satisfying to put something on your plate that you grew and nurtured yourself.

If you live in an apartment and don't have a yard, consider planting herbs or flowers in pots on your deck or even near a window inside.  

Many herbs are very hearty and even I have a hard time killing them!  

Some of the easier plants to grow include:
- beans
- lettuces
- tomatillos
- basil
- green peppers
- tomatoes
- garlic
- sunflowers

You can buy packets of seeds or for an even easier option, you can buy them as seedlings.
Many gardening stores even sell the seedlings in pots that biodegrade in the soil so you don't even have to take the plant out of the pot!  It couldn't be much easier!

Of course, you want to read the instructions that come with your plants and be sure to plant them at the correct depth and space, in the correct sunlight and give them the right amount of water.

Whatever your success or level of gardening experience, I hope you find your gardening enjoying and fulfilling!

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