Friday, May 27, 2011

PLAY: You'll need your tennies for this party.

Summer has more scents that immediately transport me to my childhood than any other time of year. Honeysuckle, watermelon, and lilac to name a few. When I smell even one, I can feel the grass under my feet and the sunlight breaking through the leaves overhead. I can see my siblings and I running through the sprinkler in the backyard and my mom digging in the flowerbeds. Summer is being foot-loose and fancy-free; leaving your schedule and inhibitions behind.

In honor of summer, let's act like kids again. Now is the time to have a "games from your childhood" party. I'm not thinking board games. I'm thinking flashlight tag, sardines, or capture the flag. Of course, you'd need to be intentional about your guest list. Don't invite the friend who silently sits by while everyone else plays Balderdash. Do invite your fun-loving, active friends who aren't afraid of a little silliness. Plan the party at dusk. Freeze a batch of watermelon-jalapeno popsicles in these fun star-shaped molds. Mix up some sangria for the grown-ups. In fact, maybe this should be an adult-only party. Lay out chips and salsa; even order a pizza (it's don't want to waste time in the kitchen). Pick a game and make sure everyone knows the rules. And, let the evening unfold.

If you are worried that you don't have space to host a party like this, do not fear! Move the party to a local park. Sure, there will be other people around, but maybe they'll want to join in. You could even play sharks and minnows at your apartment complex or neighborhood pool. Just remind your revelers to bring their suits.

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