Monday, May 9, 2011

MAKE: Frameable.

When I was about Lily's age, I drew a picture for my aunt of a handful of multi-colored hearts.

She was so sweet as to frame that picture and hang it in her house.
And when I got older, she gave me that precious picture back in the frame to hang in my room.
It has been a treasured item of mine for years.

It meant so much to me that she would have framed it when I was little.  And that she held onto it for so many years.  And that she saw the beauty in a 4 year old's art.

Lily recently drew a picture for Crosby of our family.  It proudly hangs in his crib.  She was hoping to remind him of his family waiting at home who loves him dearly.  I almost cried when she showed me the picture.  It is beautiful and simple and brings such warmth to my heart.  She drew it in all black because she knew his eyes can best see black and white right now.  And I cannot wait to frame this simple picture.

Sometimes I forget that art need not be professionally done or complicated.  Sometimes it is the most simple thing that can stir your heart the most.  Consider framing something special and memorable to you.  Whether it be a collection of ticket stubs or photos from a trip or coasters from special dates or a card you've received or just a child's art.  It may become your most treasured piece of art.

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