Friday, June 24, 2011

MAKE: For the Little Girl in Your Life

Coming up with gift ideas for the little ones in my life is a delight, especially when the gift is something I can create. I love when inspiration strikes--I know just what I want to make and am pretty sure that the recipient will appreciate it.

My niece, Bella, loves playing with hair. Loves pink. Loves Rapunzel. With her birthday coming up in July, I wanted to create a special hair styling kit just for her--complete with brush, hair tie, barrette, and ribbon holders. I wanted it to be little girl appropriate, but functional enough that she could use it for years to come. I wanted it to be pink, of course.

Hair Styling Kit Tutorial
(Sorry this turned out to be longer than I had anticipated!)

Supplies: Two colors/patterns fabric (mine were 9" by 23" plus fabric for a small pocket), complementary color ribbon, one button, elastic, hair supplies
Cut two rectangles (9" by 23") of each fabric. (The bag folds into three sections--two 8", one 7" long. The 7" sections will fold in as the innermost layer.)
Cut one rectangle of outside fabric (6" by 14") for the interior pocket
 Making the pocket: Fold down and sew the short ends of the pocket fabric.
Fold fabric with right sides together to make the pocket. Leave extra length on one end to fold over. Sew down each side.
 Add velcro to fasten the pocket.
Attaching Elastics, Pockets, and Ribbon: Lay out all of the pieces that you plan to attach. I included a pocket for hair ties, elastic to hold the brush, and ribbons to attach barrettes and hair ribbons.
Sew the ends of the ribbons into place, leaving a tail on each end that will tuck into the seam at the sides. Then, sew each ribbon in three places to make four sections on each. Attach the pocket and the elastic for the brush.
 Attach a button to the exterior panel about 7 inches from the end.
Putting it Together: Pin right sides of panels together and sew around three sides, leaving one end open to attach the button loop.
 Cut a piece of batting that is slightly smaller than the bag (8 1/4" by 22")
 Insert the batting through the open end.

 Sew a fold line between each of the three sections.
 Fold the fabric under on the open end and insert your ribbon for a button loop. Sew straight across. (Ironing would probably be helpful...)
 Finishing: Add your hair supplies. And, share it with a little girl in your life.

What is your favorite gift you've given to a kiddo you know?

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