Monday, June 27, 2011

PRAY: Summertime

I love how much quieter our schedule becomes in the summertime.

I love warm mornings spent in grubby clothes going for a run, and doing yard work and heading to the pool.  I love not feeling rushed to get ready for the day.  I love the carefree long days.

But one thing I do miss during the summer is my weekly Bible study.  I have a wonderful study that meets during the school year that provides me with amazing fellowship and helps to keep me grounded.  And I miss it dearly over the summer.

This summer, a dear friend and I are planning to read a book and study it together.  While it won't be a formal Bible study, it will be great to challenge one another and help hold each other accountable.

There are so many options for studying the Word.  There are books that have study guides to help you along the process.  Or consider just reading a book with a friend and discussing it weekly.  There is also a wonderful online community of women coming together for Bible study here.  Check it out!

How do you challenge yourself spiritually over the summer?

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