Wednesday, June 29, 2011

NEST: wash and dry

When I moved into my new apartment, I had been doing laundry for years. However, for some reason I couldn't find the lint trap on my dryer. It was nowhere to be found! After a few months, I mentioned this to Courtney and she explained a few more places where it might be. Lo and behold! I basically had a carpet hanging out in my dryer.

It made me realize that it might be time to brush up on my skills. I've since gathered a few washer and dryer  tips:

  • You can fill a front-loader to the brim, but don't cram clothes past where the last row of holes is near the door. And in a top-loader, don't go above the central column. Avoiding this will allow your clothes to move freely and stay wrinkle free. 
  • Don't add extra detergent - it does not get things any cleaner, and actually can lead extra residue, making your clothes look dingy.
  • Leave the washer door open after each load to avoid mildew. 
  • Don't over wash clothes that don't get worn too often. For example, if you only wear something to work, where you're indoors and sitting most of the day, you probably only need to wash it every few times you wear it. 
  • If your gym clothes are really stinky, rinse them in the sink immediately after working out. When you wash them, opt for hot water if you aren't a cold-water-only-girl.
  • If you're going to wash a down comforter, dry it on a low heat with a tennis ball to to fluff it. 

Happy washing :)

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