Friday, July 1, 2011

PLAY: Get Fizzy

Courtney and Whitney have both mentioned their love for a glass of fizzy water with some fruit juice added. It's a great way to limit soda intake and curb a craving for a sweet drink. I jumped on the "fizzy water and splash of fruit juice" bandwagon this summer. And, my husband basically took it over. Seriously, I couldn't keep a bottle of carbonated water in the house. While it is not a great expense, I did begin to feel guilty about the number of plastic bottles I was recycling. As you know, it's best not to recycle, but to reuse.

In honor of reusing and reducing (as well as Father's Day), I purchased a Sodastream Genesis for my husband. We are hooked! The machine itself requires no electricity--no cord, no batteries. It's slim, taking up very little space on our counter. Since we're just carbonating plain water, it calls for very little cleaning. It comes with BPA-free, reusable bottles. They feel very sturdy. And, the best part is that it takes about twenty seconds to make a liter of fizzy water, including the time it takes to fill the bottle with water. It might just be the treat you need to get yourself through the hot, hot days of summer.

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