Monday, July 18, 2011

MAKE: Celebration Banner.

I am definitely the most beginning of seamstresses.  I don't actually think I can use the word "seamstress" in association with myself.  "Sewer" perhaps?  

However, even though my skills are rudimentary, this was a project I could certainly handle!

I decided to make a celebration banner for my family.  I have seen many adorable banners of all sorts.  My original intent was to make a birthday banner.  I thought about creating it to say "Happy Birthday!"  But once I started thinking about it more, I realized I wanted to be able to hang it for many of life's other celebrations, not just birthdays.  

Since making it, we have hung it for every birthday, the birth of our sons, the homecoming of our newest baby, and many other great days.

And it was incredibly simple to make.  

I started with a long thick ribbon.  I wanted it to be long enough to hang across our door frame going into our dining room.  

Then, I found many complimentary scraps of fabric around our home.  I cut out the letters to spell "Hooray" and then cut out 12 triangles of fabric.  I sewed the letters onto the front of a triangle and then sewed the other side of the same fabric to the back to cover the raw back of the triangle.  Then, I sewed all of the triangles onto the ribbon.  So easy!  And my whole family loves it!



  1. I am going to try to use my sewing skills to sew a Sock Monkey! Hopefully it all works out! Good look with the sewing ♥

  2. this is so fun! i love this banner. i am not all that creative nor meticulous. so i wish i could sew but i'm not really good at it.

  3. Love the ribbon you used. Doesn't look like beginning sewing!



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