Monday, July 11, 2011

NEST: Simple Packing.

I love to travel.

I love the spontaneous weekend getaway.  I love a long driving vacation.  And I love travel abroad.

However, as much as I love to travel, getting ready for a trip can often seem stressful and burdensome.  Between getting packed, getting your home ready to leave and tying up loose ends, travel can cause some anxiety.

Ash recently posted about finding your home while away from home on a business trip.  Finding comfort and a piece of home while on the road can reduce much travel stress.

Another way I have found to reduce stress while planning a trip is to have a good packing checklist that I always consult prior to leaving home.

Traveling alone I am often amazed by home much I need.  But packing for an entire family is a completely different story.  My children are all small and young, but it is amazing how much stuff they require to be away from home.

After our daughter was born, my husband had an away rotation for several weeks for his job.  My daughter and I would stay home during the week, but would pack up and meet him on the weekends.  After four weekends of travel in a row, I decided it was time to create my packing list.  It has been modified slightly over the years, but I have used it for every trip we have gone on since it's inception.  It was originally on a piece of paper, but after years of consulting it, I decided it was time to have an electronic copy.  However you prefer a checklist is wonderful!

I won't bore you with all of the items on our list, but these are the general categories that the items fall under:

Packing List:

For my husband and I:
Workout clothes
Dress clothes
Casual clothes
Sleeping clothes
Shoes (casual, workout, dress)

Adult Carry-On:
Purse with ID (I alwyas check prior to travel that it is present after one big mishap years ago!)
Cell phone with charger

For the Kids:
A sweater or sweatshirt for each child (regardless of how warm the weather is supposed to be)
Swim suits
Diapers and wipes
Sun hats
Stroller and/or baby carrier
Pack 'n Play
Baby monitor
Their lovies
Travel highchair

Kids' Carry On:
Food and drinks

There are always several extra things that are added or deleted from this list due to the nature of the particular trip.  But I have found that I have not forgotten something crucial since I created our packing list.  It has given me peace of mind that I am not forgetting something vital and has made travel much more enjoyable!

Bon Voyage!


  1. Packing lists are actually quite freeing especially with kids! Great point.

  2. ok I think next trip we go on I am copying your packing list. WOW.

  3. This post rings sweet and true to my ears ... love traveling but HATE the "production" that is packing. Love the idea of streamlining!

    ♥ Cat brideblu

  4. What a wonderful blog!

    I always make a list for when I travel. I don't have any kids just yet...but when I do have them I know making a list will definitely come in handy ;)

    I'm now following :)

  5. im a big packing list person...gotta check everything off lol. have a great trip!


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