Friday, July 15, 2011

EAT: Yogurt Making

My first attempt was a disaster. I ended up with kind of smelly milk. Kind of smelly, hot milk. I used a yogurt recipe that simply required a crock pot. I was incredibly encouraged by the enthusiastic comments that readers had left. So, I felt a little stupid when, at the end of the 11 hour process, I had not created yogurt. Then, I found this recipe. It also requires a crock pot, but you'll additionally need some time on the stove and a candy thermometer. You use a couple tablespoons of Dannon yogurt to get things going, but other than that, the only ingredient is milk (not ultra-pastuerized). If you follow the steps, you will make yogurt!

I was so excited about my yogurt that I almost immediately made it again. During the second round of yogurt making, I strained some of the liquid through cheese cloth and a strainer to make Greek yogurt. Then, I was left with whey. I found an Italian bread recipe that makes use of leftover whey from cheese making. It was oh so delicious. And then...I decided that my yogurt needed a companion, so I mixed up some homemade granola to top it off. At the end of the week I was feeling like quite the successful cook.

Have you ever tried making yogurt or cheese?


  1. So cool that you made your own yogurt!

  2. I just checked that recipe. It looks much easier than the one I tried and failed with last year! Maybe I'll give it another go. I make awesome homemade granola. Doesn't it feel good to make these things rather than purchase?


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