Friday, July 22, 2011

NEST: The Whole Shebang

Having only 7 weeks left in my pregnancy, I'm in full-fledged nesting mode. Tomorrow, my mom arrives to help me prepare the nursery, but I have too much on my to-do list for her visit. So, this week has been all about finishing projects. Some of these unfinished projects were embarrassing. Two unpainted spots in our bathroom from months ago. A part of my son's blinds that needed to be cut correctly and installed since he was born. Two half-painted adirondack chairs sitting in our side yard. You know those projects that have been incomplete for so long that you have almost forgotten about them? Those are the ones I want to check off my list.

And, I had some new projects that I wanted to get moving on. Since the crib, changing table and rocking chair will be moving from Griffin's room into the new nursery, it's going to be a little empty in there. Earlier this week, I made a floor cushion for him to plop down on and read. For some reason, I always think that I can figure out how to sew something without a pattern or tutorial, and then I am reminded that I am no sewing genius. While he seems to like the obviously imperfect addition to his room, I think I'll try to find a tutorial before I make a second cushion. (Let me know if you have one to share!)

The rest of my list includes items that might need to be repeated before the baby is born: cleaning all our blinds, cleaning the baseboards in every room, organizing our pantry and freezer, deep-cleaning our carpets, and emptying our basement of all the the stuff we don't use. While I know that transitioning from one child to two will be life-altering and stressful, getting all my ducks in a row will give me a sense of peace.

At what times in your life do you feel the need to get your entire nest in order?


  1. Whoooaa. That's a HUGE to-do list when you're that pregnant! I'll never forget the day I walked into my best friend's backyard and saw her, eight months pregnant, weeding her garden in a bathing suit. Y'all are super-human!

  2. Oh the never ending to do lists!! I hate having all of those unfinished project but yet never seem to get them done!

  3. how exciting! 7 weeks! i nested with my two girls. it was kinda crazy. suddenly i went crazy and would go through everything trying to get it organized for them. it's nice to get everything done but don't stress too much if it doesn't happen. also enjoy the calm before the storm!


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