Monday, December 13, 2010


During this pregnancy, I have struggled to find food and drinks that sound good and then also sit well after consumption.

One area I have most struggled is in finding things to drink.

I love water and drink it constantly, but I have really craved carbonated drinks (ahem, diet coke) and drinks that are sour.  They taste delicious and seem to quell that nagging first trimester feeling.

However, I have sworn off of diet coke and so many other options are packed with so many calories.  I have tried to avoid all artificial sweeteners and so I have felt slightly deprived when I have wanted something other than water.

Well, I have finally found a solution that is satisfying, economical and also not calorie laden.

My new favorite beverage is about 1/3 part juice (usually cranberry or grapefruit) mixed with 2/3 part flavored seltzer water (usually mandarin).  The juice adds just enough flavor without too many calories and the seltzer water adds the desired carbonation.  Add some ice, lemon or lime and a straw and it feels like a real treat!


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