Friday, December 3, 2010

Sustainable gift guide...

Since I've only recently put myself on a budget, this holiday season is coming as a shock.  Have there always been so many reasons to purchase?

Gifts I want to buy, gifts I have to buy, things I want to buy for myself (party dresses!), things I have to buy for myself (food. meh.)...

I decided if I'm going to spend, I'll attempt to support companies that have sustainable business practices.

Although, it's been easier said than done.

Why are eco-friendly clothes always cotton and cream? And when they do use color, do they have to be earth tones? I'm a warm.  The clothes always feel so obviously earthy.

I have recently stumbled upon People Tree and I couldn't be happier about it.  The company supports Fair Trade and organic clothing; everything is handmade and from all over the world. They were also named the Most Sustainable Fashion Brand and the Global Fashion Awards. And, as if I wasn't already hooked, Emma Watson is designing a line for them next summer.

Since it's a UK based company, I better shop now so I can have these lovely gifts in time for Christmas...

For her...
1. Grace fleece jacket
2. Check weekend bag
3. Sash prom dress
4. Draped Neck Tunic
5. Shaggy short cardigan
6. Long socks
7. Flower gloves
8. Blue egg shell set
9. Pearl border skirt

For him...

And! Right now, you can win a Fair Trade stocking, too! Happy Friday!

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