Thursday, December 23, 2010

on getting organized

My bag home for Christmas was nine pounds over Delta's limit, which translates to an additional $90 fee. Fortunately, when it comes to packing, Jim is a minimalist, so he took on my extra weight.

However, it was indicative to me that not only did I pack too much, but that I might be tied a little too tightly to my belongings.

What better time of year than right before Christmas to do a closet clean out?  With so many new things coming in, it's beneficial to create a little additional space.

The first step to a successful purge is determining where you need the extra room.  Is your closet already overcrowded and you asked for more clothes (my scenario)? Or did you ask for all new Tupperware and your cabinets are exploding with mismatched containers? Isolate where you need to minimize.

Next, go through each item individually.  If you haven't worn it or used it in more than a year, get rid of it.  If it no longer is useful - for example a bowl with no lid - get rid of that too.

Once you've purged the space of unwanted items, begin to manage what is left.  If you're a beginner, you might need some new supplies for effective use of the space.  What you need will be determined by what you're organizing.

I put my shoes in individual boxes, for example.  They're clear, plastic boxes that I stack up.  That way I can see what is in them, and organize them neatly under my skirts and shirts. Other people prefer something that hangs over the door, or goes under the bed.

I put my jewelry in tackle boxes.  Each piece has a different slot, so nothing ever gets tangled.

If you want help determining the best way to organizer your selected item, feel free to email us.

Once you have it all organized, remember to save room for the new items you are expecting.  Also, be sure to take your purged items to Goodwill, or the charity of your choice.  While you may be done with those gauchos, someone else may be out there looking for them.

image via cupcakes and cashmere

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