Wednesday, December 8, 2010


This is a time of year when so many people express thankfulness.
From Thanksgiving on, you hear people talk about their sentiments of thankfulness.  And we all spend time showering one another in gifts as a sign of our love and thankfulness for our relationships.

Yet, it also seems to be a time when so many people seem exasperated and overwhelmed.

I am fully aware of how much there is to "get done."  From decking the halls, to buying or making gifts, to baking and sending cards, to traveling and celebrating.

It is undeniably a busy time of year.  But, we have created it to be like that.  It feels this way due to our own expectations of ourselves and the pressures we put on ourselves.

I'll admit, there are many things I hope to accomplish prior to December 25th.

But, I also admit, when I look at what Christmas is truly about, none of it matters except for the state of my heart and that of those around me.

I am sure that when Jesus was born, the manger was not covered in sparkly lights and there weren't hot cookies being served.  Cards weren't sent out explaining all Mary and Joseph had done over the preceding year.  And the manger certainly wasn't perfectly clean and tidy.

But, one thing I am sure about is that Jesus was surrounded by His family.  And they were all abundantly thankful for the gift they had been given.  They felt love and thankfulness and an abundance of gratitude.

And that's all that really matters.  It is all so simple when we get down to it.

And for that I am abundantly thankful.

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