Tuesday, December 7, 2010

DIY {from coast to coaster}

I had this idea that once I got my own apartment, I was going to turn into a DIY queen.  I envisioned myself creating incredible holiday decorations, having Sundays full of homemade projects, and giving my friends handmade gifts, to which they'd say, "where did you get this? it's lovely!"

I quickly learned, though, that a new venue does not necessarily mean new habits. Or, more importantly, new skills.

I was in desperate need of coasters, as the ones I took from a local bar were not really matching my decor.
I decided that instead of buying the ones I really wanted, I would try to save a buck and make them myself.

Although the start up costs ensured I spent almost as much as the coasters from Kate Spade, I like the way they turned out, and next time, I won't have to buy quite as many supplies.

To make them you'll need:
Cork-board circles
- A hot glue gun and sticks
-Anything to decorate them (I found that flat buttons worked the best, and if you have extra ones around your house, using them would eliminate the primary cost - and would make it so your coasters are eco-friendly, budget-accommodating, and recycled)

To make them, I hot glued each individual piece to a cork-board circle. Initially, I tried using little paper flowers and although they looked cute, they haven't held up against condensation the way the buttons have.
I've also found that the coasters with only one color of buttons looked cuter (granted I'm a minimalist).
If I were doing it again, I would have gotten glitter and made sparkly coasters for the holidays, too.

Happy crafting!

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