Thursday, December 16, 2010

pillow fight

Growing up, my mom nearly brainwashed us all into believing that less is more.  In fact, her (amazing) style has been dubbed "barren chic".  And it is just that - slightly barren, fabulously chic.

However, if there is one piece of decor my mom cannot get enough of, it's throw pillows.  When we moved last year, she brought bags upon bags of them with her.  We may not have wreaths on our walls, or kitschy items on our shelves, but we certainly have pillows on our couches.

And although I never saw this coming (seriously), I've been drawn to them lately.  They add so much to a couch or chair, but don't take up any space.  They're the perfect decorative item!

True to form, I am only attracted to those with clean lines and simple patterns.  Of course, nothing with messing beading...

1. I'm smitten over this Westminter pillow by Barbara Coupe. I think it would look beautiful on a fluffy, white couch.
2. Love pillow by Pillowfactory: What's not to love? It would add a nice retro-modern element to a room.

3. For a nice festive touch, I love this Merry and Bright pillow.  It must be the easiest form of post-holiday clean up around.
And, if you're feeling especially craft on this winter day, you can try making them yourself.  Both the Love pillow and Merry and Bright pillow are just stamped and painted.  

image via outblush

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