Friday, December 17, 2010

(Om)y goodness

Since arriving in Atlanta, I've been determined to find a new yoga studio.

After taking some time to grieve the loss of Simply Yoga, I decided it was time to get down to work.  I grabbed my mat and water bottle and put my Om face on.

After six weeks, multiple studios, Vinyasas, Ashtangas, downward dogging, flipping the dog, and a whole slew of other styles and poses, I have officially found two studios that I love.

The greatest asset to my search was the Lululemon store in Atlanta. Not only did they recommend excellent studios, but also gave me multiple free passes for first time attendants. To me, one of the worst feelings is when you try out a new class, and it ends up being terrible, and then the entire time you just think about the $16(+) wasted on it.  Being able to try new classes penalty-free is amazing.

After doing yoga at least once a week since last February (and quite a bit more since moving to Atlanta), I have never felt more strongly about the importance of taking time for yourself.  I feel so much more centered after I force myself to slow down, and do something I really love.

Although for me it's an added bonus that yoga is a great workout, your indulgence may be very different.  It might be time spent reading a book, getting your nails done or taking a bath.  I firmly believe that those who remember to take care of themselves first, are more successful in their relationships and careers.

So, as you head into the weekend - go for a bike ride, drink a glass of wine and listen to music, or go to a park and people watch.  Happy indulging!

Photo via Lululemon

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