Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Make Some Snow!

Talk about frugal! All you need to make the loveliest decorations I've ever seen, is some paper. When I decorated my first Christmas tree, I couldn't afford to buy a bunch of ornaments, so I cut snowflakes out of some sketch paper. For this tutorial, I used origami paper in blue and gray. Snowflakes are so easy to make if you know how to fold your paper. Follow these steps.

When you're finished folding and cutting, unfold your paper. You may need to do a light ironing to flatten out your snowflakes. If you have time, you could also lay them inside a big dictionary for a couple days.
I've been wanting a Christmas decoration to hang in my son, Griffin's room, and I thought these snowflakes would be perfect. So, I strung them on some light colored thread and tied them with a slip knot to the blinds.

Tips for cutting snowflakes:
Create as much space as you can. It makes them feel light and airy.
Only cut all the way through at the very top and bottom.
Try to make the shapes you cut fit together like a puzzle.
Cutting a triangle into the top always makes a pretty shape.
Snipping the pointy tip off makes a star in the middle.
Experiment! If you mess up, you've only lost a little time and a single piece of paper.

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