Tuesday, December 21, 2010

One Last Ornament

I know we're down to the final hours before Christmas, but you might have just a minute to whip up one last ornament. I always find myself wanting to make each gift a little more special or create one more decoration before Christmas is upon us. This would be an adorable addition to a present, perhaps tied on next to the gift tag.

Why not make a Christmas dove? All that is required is some felt, a needle and thread, and some ribbon. Batting or stuffing of some kind is optional.

Step One: Draw your dove onto a piece of paper or cardstock.
Step Two: Cut out your pattern.
Step Three: Trace your pattern onto your felt. I used white, but colored felt could be fun, as well.
Step Four: Cut it out. I cut both pieces of felt at the same time.
Step Five: Sew around the dove, leaving a gap at the top to stuff and for the ribbon. You could easily sew by hand. 
Step Six: Stuff him.
Step Seven: Sew the ribbon into place, while closing off the hole.
Step Eight: Admire your good work.  

I used recycled felt to make my dove and bamboo to stuff it. You could also use old clothing to make the dove. I am thinking about making a garland of mutli-colored birds to hang in Griffin's room all year. You could also stuff the bird with scraps of fabric or bits of old socks.

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