Wednesday, August 17, 2011

PLAY: hello summer, hello braids

I'm admittedly a summer addict. I love nothing more than a hot, humid day. And while I (will only sometimes) admit that I kind of dig fall once it starts happening, I dread the end of summer. It's just such a carefree season that brings me utter joy, it's hard for me to say goodbye for three full seasons.

This week at Anthropologie, I was buying my friend latte bowls. The girl working there was trying to convince me that I should get the brown, red and navy combination. She probably thought I was 90 percent insane, because I must have told her two or three times: I'm looking for something brighter. A little more summery. Less fall. No I'm not ready for fall colors. How about yellow? Do you have anything brighter? 

Finally, I got a nice teal, white, royal blue combination, which completely screams beach vacation, and walked away feeling only slightly panicked that this girl had already lost faith in summer. It's only August, and this is Georgia. I'm thinking more Lake Lanier and less brown cardis. 

And beyond boating, flings and ice cream, nothing screams summer more than braids. They're so carefree, youthful and happy. 

I recently found this tutorial on how to perfect the so-low-key-and-cute-that-I-look-like-don't-care-even-though-I-googled-a-tutorial-braid and am hooked. 

I love that the girl doesn't appear to have crazy thick hair, and yet the braid still looks very full. With a sundress, sandals, sunnies and sipsies in hand, I think it'd be the perfect look for a Labor Day darty. Which, btw, does not mark the end of summer. 


  1. What a great idea, I think I will give this one a try while I wait for my hair to grow out again!


  2. This is such a great alternative to pulling your hair back in a ponytail or wearing a headband. I am currently in the grow out stages and did this braid a few times, but only on one side. I will have to give it a try like you did. Very cute!


  3. i am so into braids too! I found a good style with instructions on Refinery 29 the other day.

  4. Pretty! Wish the front of my hair were long enough for it.


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