Monday, November 15, 2010

Welcome to Freshly Rooted

Freshly Rooted is a blog formed out of our love for sustainability, creativity, inventiveness, and the bond between us.

We are three Hoosier sisters who long to live in the same city, but are separated by hundreds of miles.  Yet, the distance does not keep us from connecting all the time - through conversations, ideas, shared passions and trips to see one another.

Our hope is that Freshly Rooted will be a place that will inspire conscious living that is affordable, practical, creative and founded in the Lord's love for us.

About Us...


Current home is: Virginia

I'm passionate about: learning to follow the Lord more each day, mothering, running, learning to sew, being outdoors, finding ways to live a more sustainable and eco-friendly life, vegetarianism, traveling and being with my family!

The tastiest food is: So hard to choose!  I love frozen yogurt so very much!  But a huge salad laden with all sorts of veggies and beans steals my heart, too!

I dream of living: Anywhere with my family!  But, ideally that would be someplace fairly temperate...with water nearby.

The article of clothing I can't live without is: Probably my running shoes as they give me such a sense of freedom!

Ashley is: creative, adventurous, thoughtful, deeply loving

Whitney is: enthusiastic, inventive, generous, incredibly compassionate


Current home is: Denver, Colorado

I'm passionate about: Jesus, family, reading, cooking, photography, singing, Pilates, hiking, creating, learning, turning something old into something beautiful and useful

The tastiest food is: chocolate, always chocolate 

I dream of living: on the edge of a lake or creek with woods and open space to play and explore, preferably surrounded by the people I love

The article of clothing I can't live without is: my sports bra (honestly!)

Courtney is: caring, smart, adventurous

Whitney is: organized, sensitive, stylish

Current home is: Atlanta, Georgia

I'm passionate about: Jesus, my family, fashion, accessorizing, running, Yoga, being outside, reading, learning to be more domestic.

The tastiest food is: Vanilla frozen yogurt with rainbow sprinkles (lots!)

I dream of living: In a place without winter, where I've managed to convince all of my family and friends to live as well.  Being near the ocean is also a plus. 

The article of clothing I can't live without is: My skirts and dresses

Courtney is: nurturing, passionate, incredibly kind, thoughtful, a great motivator 

Ashley is: caring, crafty, generous, loving, an excellent listener

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