Thursday, November 18, 2010


Over the last few years, we have very consciously been trying to clean up our act around our home.

We have been trying to save energy and water, conserve in all products we use, decrease our trash production, and use products that leave less of a carbon footprint.

One very simple step we have employed over the last few years is to convert our toilet into a low flush toilet.   The typical toilet in an American home uses over a quarter of the water consumed in that household.

We live in an older home without many updates and this simple conversion was much easier (and cheaper!) than purchasing a low flush toilet.

You simply need an empty jar or half-gallon milk jug to get started.  I used an empty large glass jar that had been filled prior with applesauce.

Make sure that any paper or plastic labels are removed from the container.

You want to fill the jar partially with pebbles or gravel to weight it and then fill the remainder with water.

Then place it carefully in your toilet tank away from all the mechanisms.

Then just replace toilet lid and enjoy a toilet that saves you water and money!

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