Friday, November 19, 2010

Wine and Cheese Party

Twinkling lights, a glass in hand, and a few of your favorite people mingling around your living room. 'Tis the season for a wine and cheese party. It's the perfect festive, inexpensive holiday party. It takes very little preparation and very few supplies. This is a high-class version of the pot-luck dinner.

Invite your friends who love to chat and mingle. This event could be an excellent opportunity to spend time with people you don't know as well or invite some friends that you have been meaning to introduce to one another. Without a formal dinner, revelers can come and go as they please, which is ideal during the busy holiday season.

Do an evite (if it's last minute) or send out a simple invitation like this. If you really plan ahead, you can save your wine labels and hand-print an informal invitation on the back. Ask each person to bring either a favorite wine or cheese. You'll provide some to ensure that you have enough. Make sure that you enjoy the wine you buy because you might have a surplus if you have generous friends who come bearing both wine and cheese.

Borrow some wine glasses from a neighbor or friend if you're short. Light a few candles and allow your Christmas tree lights to set the mood. Create a holiday playlist on your iPod; leave out "Christmas With the  Chipmunks," please. Bake your quick and easy brownies--throw in some chocolate chips for decadence. Lay our platters and knives for the cheese and surround them with crackers. Don't forget holiday napkins or small plates for the eats. Place glass bowls of chocolates around the room. Let the festivity begin!

Here's your shopping list:
A few different wines
Several boxes of crackers
A couple kinds of cheese
A box of brownie mix

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