Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Song and Dance

It's so easy to just flip on the television for background noise, isn't it? If I'm alone and doing jobs around the living room or kitchen, I often find myself mopping or emptying the dishwasher with HGTV or the Today Show to keep me company. While I do find occasional inspiration and frequent amusement from what I'm watching, I've been trying to keep the TV off more often.

Our home was full of noise and people when we were kids. Silence is not really my favorite. So, when I don't want the television to be my companion, music is. Cleaning my floors is much more enjoyable with the cast of Glee singing alongside me. I find more and more often, however, that whatever I listen to really sticks with me. Recently I have been wanting to listen to music that speaks to my soul, rather than just having a good dance (or cleaning) beat.

If you want some honest, moving music, The Brilliance is what you should be listening to. The lyrics and the music are beautiful. While you may not be dancing to this, your soul will be singing. Watch the video on their website to find out how you can get a song that is not included on the album.

The BrillianceGreat and Small

As kids, we listened to the Songs from the Loft cd on repeat. We loved that worship music and I long for music that my son will love in the same way. Butterflyfish just might be it. During the trickiest parts of the day, I find myself turning this music up and dancing around my kitchen with my little one. It is fun, joyful music with a message. This is kids' music that I don't mind having stuck in my head.

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