Monday, November 29, 2010

Travel Mugs 101

Last week, I dumped an entire cup of coffee on the backseat of my car. The $40 interior detail made me realize it would have been worth investing in a few more travel mugs.

Since I'm typically an iced coffee drinker, I figured it's also time I ban plastic cups altogether. Thus began my search for new travel mugs.

The problem is that I'm pretty picky. My travel mug has to be cute (it can really impact your outfit), but often the cute ones leak, fog up, and aren't dishwasher safe.  I'm hard on my coffee mugs, so they have to be able to offer a leak-proof, temperature-maintaining, easy-to-clean guarantee. 

Below are a few of my favorites...

For the simplest: I am Not a Paper Cup from Nubius Organics.  It's clever, simple, and eco-friendly.  Although I typically prefer brightly colored mugs, the plain white cup is kind of appealing.

For the prepster: Lilly Pullitzer Coral Me Crazy. It's super cute and the interior is stainless steel, which is one of the most highly recycled materials around.  There's no denying that the bright colors would warm me up all winter long.
For the uber eco-friendly: It's certainly better to use a travel mug than to use paper cups everyday, but if you still don't feel like that's quite enough, try the Green Travel Mug from Amazon. Not only is it made from recycled materials, but the mug itself is recyclable.
Or, if you're uber eco-friendly and a brainstormer, opt for the Chalk Board version of the Green Mug. If you're ever inspired while drinking your coffee, you have a recycled chalkboard right at your finger tips.

And finally, for the more refined: Ce n'est pas une tasse de plastique. This is still not a plastic cup, even though it's written in French. 

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