Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Last year on Earth Day, we made a resolution to go paperless in the kitchen.

The switch has been relatively painless and I have been amazed at the money we have saved and how much less full our garbage cans are!  

Even if going paperless in the kitchen is not appealing to you (I fully understand the love of the paper towel), a very easy change you can make is in using cloth napkins.  

Cloth napkins hold up MUCH better than their paper counterparts and in the end are so much cheaper!  

You can make them any size you please and you can make them to be fancy, casual, seasonal, decorative or just functional.  I made some standard sized napkins and some that are smaller for my kids.  My daughter loves using them for tea parties and for her babies, too.  And cloth napkins clean up a toddlers messy face much better than paper.

There are so many tutorials out there on making them, but one of my favorites comes from the Purl Bee. Their napkins are classy and elegant, yet could be used for every day.  

Go check them out and consider whipping up a batch for a Christmas gift this year.  

Happy dining!

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