Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Braided Headband

Athleta's Spring 2011 catalog arrived in my mailbox last week. I was immediately drawn to several comfy dresses and skirts. I could just imagine waking up near the beach, throwing on my cozy indigo dress, and going for a long walk in the sun. Ah. Of course, a beach vacation and new clothes from Athleta aren't exactly in the budget for Frugal February.

However, I can make a new headband inspired by an adorable one I found in the catalog. I was pretty sure that I could figure out how to make a braided headband, but not certain enough of my process to take pictures as I did it. I guess I thought if I took pictures, it was doomed not to come together. Don't worry. It's really simple.

Stretchy fabric (I used part of a tank top that I no longer wear)
Sewing machine
Matching thread
Rotary cutter or scissors

Step One: Measure out four rectangles. Three should be about 1.5" by 23". One should be about 2" by 3".

Step Two: Sew the rectangles into long tubes by sewing each rectangle to itself by folding right sides together. (You fold it hot dog style and sew the long opening closed)

Step Three: Turn the tubes right side out. I'm sure there is some clever way to do this, but I just used tweezers!

Step Four: Pin the three longer tubes together at one end and braid.

Step Five: Sew each end of the braid.

Step Six: Safety pin the ends of the braid together, so you can determine how big to make your headband.

Step Seven: Take off the safety pin and guide each end of the braid into the smaller tube.

Step Eight: Tuck the unfinished ends of the smaller tube under and sew it onto your braid.

Step Nine: Trim the excess thread and you're finished!


  1. i love this! i want to make one now! i always put a little side braid into a ponytail when my hair looks bad but if i have this headband i could kill two birds with one stone as they say! lovely!

  2. oh I love this! I actually have everything I need to make it too:) Great idea!


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