Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Although I've yet to fulfill my resolution of making something for our Etsy shop, I have every intention of doing so.  Which means, I purchased all of the supplies to make my creation, I'm just still gaining confidence when it comes to actually sewing...

In honor of frugal February and my resolution, my goal is to make my first project with fabric I already have.  I have this beautiful fabric Courtney brought me from Africa and awesome seersucker fabric Ashley wrapped my Christmas gift in, so I figure that is a great starting point.

In case you don't have such amazing sisters to fill up your fabric bin (or an abundance of it in your basement), you can still use recycled cloth for your DIY projects.

Consider old sweaters, throw pillows and sheets that you no longer use.  Ashley made awesome newborn pants from an old argyle sweater and cloth napkins from a flannel shirt (pictured). Which means, once you have the needle and thread, the project is basically free. What more could you want for frugal February?

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