Monday, February 7, 2011

Spending Less on Food

I have never been a huge fan of Sam's Club or Costco, but as our family has grown, our grocery bill has grown exponentially.

It is one of the expenses that stresses me out the most.

I am committed to trying to feed my family the best, most whole and pure foods possible and I really do not want to sacrifice in this area.  But, our budget does not allow for me to shop only at an organic grocery store.

I have been very impressed over the last few years by the big increase in organic and fair trade foods that Sam's Club and Costco are carrying.  It has made our membership well worth it and has given me much more pleasure in spending some of our money there.

If you are shopping for more than one person, I would highly consider checking out your local superstore to see what new options they have in this area!

These are some of our favorite finds at our local Sam's Club.  They even have some earth friendly cleaning supplies, composters and fair trade bananas, too.  Happy shopping!

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