Friday, February 4, 2011


I like to watch TV. I'm not afraid to admit it. Okay, well maybe I'm a little afraid, but don't you enjoy it? I blame it on the noisy house in which I grew up, but a silent house gets to me. So, when Griffin's asleep I find myself turning on the television for company. BUT, cable is expensive.

Jose and I sat down at the end of 2010 to really seriously look at our monthly expenses and what we were willing to cut out or reduce. The expense and the fact that we had just recently watched a show featuring Vanilla Ice as a home renovator, led to the decision that Comcast had to go. Partially, at least. We simply couldn't do without the internet service.
RCA ANT1650 Flat Digital Amplified Indoor TV Antenna
So, now I don't watch television. Just kidding. After doing some research, we opted to buy a Roku. The Roku allows you to stream show to your TV via the internet. After investing $99 in the Roku and about $38 in an antenna, we cut our monthly entertainment spending by 80%. We are paying for a monthly subscription to Hulu Plus, which allows us to watch tons of current and past popular shows, and a Netflix streaming-only subscription. It comes out to about $15. Woot!

The only real drawback to our current set-up is that Jose doesn't get to watch all of the sports on ESPN that he used to. But, he can still watch major sporting events on our antenna, so he doesn't really seem to mind. That and I kind of miss HGTV. But, the savings is definitely worth it. What are you doing to save on entertainment?

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