Wednesday, February 16, 2011

think globally, act locally

"You know I've heard good people say there's nothing I can do, that's half a world away. Well maybe you've got money, maybe you've got time, maybe you've got a Living Well that ain't ever running dry..." Caedmon's Call, Share the Well

On Sunday at church, the sermon focused on making a global impact with faith.  The majority of the sermon was financially driven, and while I understand how deeply in need of monetary support many regions of the world are, it wasn't my favorite sermon.

Maybe it came at the wrong time for me (I mean, it is frugal February). In high school, each summer I went to Mexico, which cost both time and money, so it's not that I'm opposed to giving these resources by any means.  However, as a twenty-something who recently started a new job, I have neither time nor money to give in abundance.

The sermon got me thinking about other ways I could give on a global scale.  The most obvious way is to dedicate prayer to those living in and visiting other countries.  And while I did decide I'm going to make a greater effort to pray about more global issues (it's so hard when they don't impact me day to day!), I know it often feels more fulfilling to give something tangible.

A lot of churches that sponsor mission trips often need supplies such as toothbrushes and soap.  Not only is this expense minimal, but oftentimes you can call a dentist and they'll donate them.  In doing so, you're ultimately giving your time, by calling the dentist and delivering the resources, while still saving the organization money.

And, in the end, sometimes I think it allows for more growth in our own spiritual lives if we find ways to give beyond money.

In addition, many churches need help preparing for mission trips - whether it be by sending letters, stuffing envelopes, or helping schedule travel arrangements.  Consider calling your church to see how you can help prepare for an upcoming trip.  Getting involved on the local level can make a global impact.

image via charity water

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  1. very inspiring, I believe in the same philosophy...must start with yourself no matter how small the step.

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