Friday, February 25, 2011

Out to Lunch

Last winter, Jose and I had a newborn baby. A newborn who would not take a bottle and was, therefore, almost always in my company. While we did have occasional dates (thanks to our dear friend, Mo), most of our dates became family dates. So, we ended up going on Saturday lunch dates.

The great thing is...lunch dates are cheaper! Although I do appreciate Whitney's take on non-food related activities, I really love going out to eat. Going out to eat during the day allows you to relax and watch a movie at home, go for a walk, or linger over a long meal in the evening. If you're looking for great places to eat in your city, you may want to check out a local magazine. Our lunch dates happened to coincide with the release of 5280's Best New Restaurants issue. We've returned to some of our favorites again and again.

Denver Lunch Date Favorites:
Hutch and Spoon
The Squeaky Bean


  1. Adorable photo! Haha, yes lunch dates are definitely cheaper! I discovered this and there is no going back ;)

  2. Yes, I love (and prefer) lunch dates! I don't get many of those with the husband these days, but weekends seem to suffice :)


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