Monday, February 14, 2011

happy {out and about!} monday

As an admitted clothing addict, I despise spending money on food.  When I started my previous job, my coworkers would often ask me to go out to lunch, and I always declined because I'd brought my own. Finally, one of them asked me why I never joined them and I explained that I'd so much rather buy a new dress than a week of lunches out.

Going out for meals is a huge part of our culture - getting dinner, drinks, or coffee is an activity instead of sustenance. Recently, though, I've been making an effort to suggest alternative ideas, such as going to an outdoor mall and [window] shopping or exercising with someone. This way, I can avoid spending money, while still being social.  And, an added bonus is that it's a whole lot healthier.

To challenge yourself this frugal February, try suggesting alternative ideas when your friends want to grab dinner.

PS: I only wish I could be so lucky to dance on the beach with Lily or fish with my Dad. An excellent alternative!

PPS: In honor of Valentine's Day (happy one to you, by the way!) I'll give you a pass for the evening.  Enjoy some dinner, drinks and dessert :)

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