Friday, March 18, 2011

Emptying the Wallet

I'm going to bet that you have at least one unused gift card in your wallet. And, I'm going to bet that you either have a plan to spend it soon or it's been taking up space for way too long. You may have a whole bunch of gift cards in your wallet or purse. You may have so many that you don't even remember which ones you have.

It can be exciting to receive a free dinner at your favorite restaurant or enough cash on that little card to purchase the sweater that you've been eyeing for weeks. But, here's the problem. So often, gift cards are given for establishments that you do not frequent. Being a former teacher, I found gift cards tucked into Christmas and teacher appreciation cards on many occasions. While I appreciated the generosity and thoughtfulness of the gifts, I found that many of my students and their parents just didn't know where I shop and dine. We all do a gift or gift card based on our own preferences, just hoping that the recipient will enjoy and use it. If you are that recipient, I say today is the day to use that gift card.

Spend a few minutes searching through your wallet, purses, drawers, files, etc. searching for those unused gift cards. Lay them all out on a table. Set aside the ones that you are saving for a specific occasion. Jose and I, for example, have a Melting Pot gift card from Christmas that we are planning on using with some movie passes when we have on our next date. (I've never been to the Melting Pot, so I am quite excited.) Peruse the remaining cards. Can you pair a couple gift cards for a night out? A restaurant and bookstore, perhaps. Do you have gift cards for stores at which you don't typically shop? It could be the perfect time to pick out a birthday present for your brother or friend. Or, you might surprise yourself and find those shoes that you need for work. Have fun with it. Take yourself or someone else on a date. And, don't spend a dime!

Do make sure that you call or go online to check the balances first. It is a real bummer if you try to take someone out to a meal only to find that your balance has been diminished to $2.25.

1 comment:

  1. i love finding old gift cards! and i can almost always find something to buy (even with only 2.25!) hah!
    have a great weekend!


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