Tuesday, March 29, 2011


There are a few things that I miss about teaching. I miss the expression on kids' faces when they really get something for the first time. I miss figuring out the best way to explain a tricky concept. But, the thing I miss most is the excitement that kids show when they are being truly creative. Everyone responds to mediums differently, but in my classroom almost everyone loved creating collages. We made collages that stretched across an entire wall depicting mountainsides, as well as tiny, personal ones that fit on index cards.

When I was in Virginia this past week, I wanted to give Lily a chance for a little extra creativity. Since she was already cutting pictures out of her magazine for her alphabet binder, I thought the time was perfect to show her a new way to make art. Lily cut meticulously from her magazine. She arranged each picture carefully on top of and next to each of the others. I glued each scrap of green and blue and each little animal exactly where Lily told me. She was proud of her creation.

Think back to your childhood. What are some of the activities that you most enjoyed or some of the crafts that you loved? Maybe it's clay, paper mache, cooking, jewelry or knitting. Make something with a child in your life this week. You will be amazed how a few minutes of sharing can impact a little mind in an extraordinary way.

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