Thursday, March 10, 2011

the world's easiest DIY

You know when you find yourself knee deep in a project, with no desire to finish it? Overwhelmed by the tediousness and wondering why you ever took it on? 

Being slightly impulsive when it comes to DIYs, and relatively impatient with small things (threading needles!), I often find myself in this predicament. Yet, I continue to pursue projects because I love how invigorating new d├ęcor can be.

Today, I have officially found my new favorite DIY. For a lovely new side table, follow the steps below…

1.       Order these modular units from Amazon
2.       Wait for your units to arrive (the least fun part, but at least it’s not tedious!)
3.       When they do arrive, start your stopwatch – your units will become end tables within the next 15 minutes.
4.       Stack the units to make a stepped side table.
5.       Create miniature displays in the cubbies – stack reading materials, various lighting, etc.
6.       Enjoy!

1 comment:

  1. those are perfect! i don't have side tables right now so i'm using a stack of books! i will have to check these out! lovely and inspiring blog! i'm a new follower :)


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