Thursday, March 3, 2011

Spring Cleaning

Spring is only 17 days away! Hooray!

And while I look forward to the vernal equinox and all that comes with it, spring cleaning can sometimes seem daunting.

I often feel paralyzed by the amount of large and unexciting jobs I put off for many weeks or months. And then doing them all at once seems insurmountable.

This year, I have decided to handle small jobs each day or week so as to not feel overwhelmed by all of the supposed "spring cleaning" I am meant to do.

So, if you have just a short bit of time and want to tackle a job or two, I have made a small list of some of the jobs I am going to divvy up over the next few weeks.

- Dust off the ceiling fans in your home. (This is a job I dread, but it usually takes me much less time than I anticipate!)

- Clean out the toys one room at a time. Divide them up into piles of toys to keep in the room, toys to store for a later rotation, toys to give away and things that need to be thrown away. You will finish feeling lighter and more organized!

- Tackle one closet a day for a week. If you haven't used or worn something for over a year, consider donating it. Can you take things out of your closet and use the fabric for upcoming projects? I have been amazed by the yards of fabric I have amassed from our closets!

- Clean the baseboards in your home. Again, not a job I love. But once I set my mind to it, I am surprised by how quickly it goes and how much better I feel to have it behind me!

- The bathroom and kitchen often overwhelm me a bit. There are so many nooks and crannies to scrub and keep clean. But, I have found if I just focus on one thing a day, it is much easier to handle. Give the bathtub a deep scrub on Monday. Tackle the toilet on Tuesday from top to bottom. Do the floors and baseboards the next day. On Thursday, go for the sink and countertops. And on Friday, clean out your cabinets and storage spaces. You will feel great after that week!

- Get your family involved in the big clean up. My husband is amazing when given a list. All he asks is that I write it down and he will tackle it for me. And although it might take a bit more time when my kids are involved, it helps them to appreciate the hard work that goes into maintaining a home.

These are just a few ideas for how to break up some of the spring cleaning jobs. It seems so much more manageable when done in small steps and that is my plan for this year!

How do you best handle spring cleaning?

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