Tuesday, March 8, 2011

wall art

I often have a very difficult time deciding what to put on my walls.

When you don't have kids, it can be creepy to blow up huge photos of people (or yourself), but I'm also beyond the age of wanting posters hanging. If I were sportier, I'd hang a canvas of my favorite stadium and if my apartment were more modern, I might blow up a photograph of cool architecture.

It's also expensive to order nice prints, and because my visions are often better in theory than they are in practice, I don't like to spend a lot of money on these indulgences.

If you also find yourself in this predicament, yearning for a quick fix, I suggest printing regular photographs that look arty, and framing them. No one will ever guess you just printed them on your own as hi-res, and the frame makes them look infinitely more chic.  I suggest these wall frames from Umbra.

If it turns out you don't like the way they look, or like to switch them out often, just print another photo.

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