Thursday, January 27, 2011

Additional Resolutions: Nest

I feel like there are so many areas in our home we could make improvements.  And probably so many areas I don't even realize we need to improve.

It can often feel overwhelming and easier to just do nothing than to try to make big changes.

- One area that has involved a big change, but has been well worth it was in deciding to use cloth diapers for our children.  There are so many wonderful articles written about cloth diapering and so many great reasons to do it.  But for us, the huge money savings, the drastic decrease in waste we put out into the environment and the benefits for our babies made it worth every bit of work.

These articles on the stereotypes of a cloth diapering family and the basics of cloth diapering by Simple Mom are very useful.  

We have personally had great success with MotherEase diapers.  They are no frills and very simple and have worked wonderfully for us.  We are on our second child with the same diapers and I am sure they are going to last through diapering all of our children!

- Another area I hope to improve upon is getting outside with my kids to play even during the cold months.
During the spring, summer and fall, we spend so much time outside daily.  But, once it gets cold, I am much more wimpy about bundling everyone up to play outside.  My kids' moods are so much better when we spend time daily outside and I love the fresh air.

Happy Nesting!

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