Thursday, January 13, 2011

Resolution: Nest {week two}

The fact that I'm completely, utterly in love with paper towels is making me very nervous about my nest resolution.

You see, I used to dry my hands with paper towel[s] after washing them.  I would use four of them to eat one banana with peanut butter in the morning. Then I'd clean the spoon with an additional paper towel prior to putting it in the dishwasher.

I seriously love them.

And although I've gotten much better and have learned that towels do, in fact, work just as efficiently, I still kind of love them.  I mean, they're so superior to napkins in thickness and absorption. And much easier in the long run than towels!

I digress.

It's time that I begin to put this love affair to an end.

They say you can make a habit in seven days. So this year, my nest resolution is to go one week living paper-free in my kitchen.  I am not resolving that I will continue to do it beyond a week. And I am not resolving that I will eventually no longer rely on paper products in my kitchen.  However, I am resolving to give it a try.

And, if you truly understood just how many paper towels I use, you'd be very excited about the fact that this really will impact the earth.  (Yes. That many.)

I haven't set the date yet - I'm still too anxiety ridden. But once I feel that my kitchen is adequately equipped to ease me in and out of this challenge, I'm going for it.

Wish me cloth napkin loving luck!

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