Friday, January 7, 2011

Resolution: Play

I love doing yoga.

It is something that seems so indulgent and so personal.  It is one of the few things as a mom that is just for me.  While I do love doing yoga in our living room with our kids (and being astonished by just how bendy they are with almost no effort!) it is such a treat to go to a studio and enjoy an hour of sweating and also being still.

I was generously gifted a package of yoga classes for Christmas, and I resolve to go to a yoga class weekly this year.  I love so many other types of exercise, but there is something about yoga that is so restorative and healing.  As my body changes through this pregnancy, I look forward to the ways in which yoga can prepare me for labor, strengthen me and center me.

What will you do this year that is fun?  Or that is just for you?  Make a resolution to play more!!

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