Thursday, January 20, 2011

Resolution: Nest {week three}

On the morning of New Year's Day, I felt an overwhelming urge to organize and simplify. Clean out the closet. Organize the laundry room. Make a big pile to take to Goodwill.

I have no problem giving away and sorting through material possessions that we no longer need. However, I have a confession to make. My husband has declared that I am a hoarder. A photograph hoarder. I have a stack of memory cards that are full. I have folders and folders of images on my computer. I just fear that I am going to delete that one image that I will miss.

My resolution is to delete images on my camera that I will never print or post. Then, they will never make their way onto my computer. I won't have to scroll through them. I won't have a loaded down memory card. While this may seem like a very minor change, I think that the little things can make a big difference. And, the smaller the resolution, the easier it will be to keep!

Do you have any little changes you hope to implement?

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